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We've observed WoW used for any large amount of study

We've observed WoW used for any large amount of study, from epidemics to anthropological fieldwork, but that is in all probability one of many craziest and one of the most helpful  ways to use it. Psychologists at the University of Miami and the University of California, Irvine have been studying how guilds and groups form in World of Warcraft in the hopes that it'll help them figure out how gangs form in real life.

It sounds like a wild idea, but following guilds and groups in World of Warcraft is much easier than trying to study spontaneous guilds in the real world, because you've got immediate access to data: when people joined and left and why. And the psychologists say putting data together like this will help, because it'll help answer questions about, for example, what happens when you decide to separate a group of people, do they form their own groups again or do they stay separated?

They say there are other connections as well though killing dragons is far less heinous than killing innocent bystanders, Warcraft guilds form, grow, stick together, and fall apart just like gangs and even other groups all over the world do. No matter what kind of group it is, the researchers say that "group ecology" is the same everywhere, so studying the way we work in endgame raids can lead to ideas about what we're doing elsewhere. It's very interesting.

Unfortunately, they are full on potential but still pretty short on conclusion yet. All you have to do to break up gangs is ensure there is not enough loot to go around. But once again, Arezoth seems like a fertile ground for directly studying just how WOW Gold we players interact as humans. The information listed here will help you and also remember your WoW account safe.